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¿Quién es Griddy?

El proveedor de electricidad al por mayor favorito de Texas

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Get access to wholesale electricity for a month membership.

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Nuestro sistema de facturación prepago es fácil y automatizado. Empieza con sólo 49 dólares.

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We are here to bring a much needed change to this shockingly outdated industry.

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How much does Griddy cost?

Griddy membership rates for business

With Griddy, you sign up for a monthly membership and get access to the wholesale price of electricity. Your monthly membership is based on your usage for the past year. All other costs, like TDU delivery charges, taxes and fees, are passed through to you without markup.

Usage (kWh)

0 - 5K

Monthly Price


Usage (kWh)

5K - 15K

Monthly Price


Usage (kWh)

15K - 30K

Monthly Price


Usage (kWh)

30K - 60K

Monthly Price


Usage (kWh)

60K +

Monthly Price


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What is wholesale?

Wholesale electricity changes every 5 minutes

The grid is an interesting and magical thing. It takes energy from generators (a mix of natural gas, coal, wind, solar and nuclear energy) and moves it along the poles and wires (that are maintained by your TDU) to your business. And voila! You can power your lights.

The wholesale price of electricity is set by the grid operator, ERCOT, and can change every five minutes depending on supply and demand. When there is excess energy on the gird, prices drop and can even go negative, which means you are getting paid to use electricity (awesome!). And when demand is high like on hot summer days, prices can spike. The highest the price can go to is $9/kWh (which has only ever happened 0.005% of the time.) Most of the time, though, 96% to be exact, it stays below the Texas Average of 6¢/kWh.

It is this wholesale cost of electricity + TDU delivery charges + taxes and fees that we pass along to you without mark up for a monthly membership.

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How do I get billed?

Easy and automatic pay-as-you-go billing

No more paper bills. You’ll be able to view your billing statement any time in the app so you’ll never be shocked by an end-of-the-month bill again. Excellent!

  1. Add $49 to your account balance upon enrollment. This is your money that goes to your future electricity use.
  2. Your account balance will then be debited daily based on your usage.
  3. When your account balance reaches $25 (our balance minimum), you will be recharged the $49 to ensure continued, uninterrupted service.
  4. You can change your recharge amount to better reflect how much you would normally pay in a month.

How can Griddy save me money?

Griddy's 8-Point Inspection

We’re proud to introduce Griddy's 8-Point Inspection program – a free service that seeks to help our business members understand their TDU (transmission and distribution utilities) passthrough costs and how they can use that information to shift usage and save. Our 8-Point Inspection can save businesses in the hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a year.

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¿Por qué debería cambiar a Griddy?

Esto es lo que dicen nuestros miembros

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Lucy R.

You download the app and first 30 days are free membership. After it's $9.99 a month. My bill with Reliant was $280 and now with Griddy it's around $120. I live in a 4 bedroom home with 4 kids. I love Griddy and kick myself knowing how much money I threw away before! 🤦‍♀️

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Brandon N.

I use griddy at my business locations. My average cost for the year is much lower than previous (i'm averaging 7¢ at one location and 4¢ at another) and that is with being open during "peak" hours and having to heat and cool at those will end up saving a ton!

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Hal S.

Couldn't do without it! Seriously, if you're going to take responsibility for monitoring real-time prices, in order to save money over the providers' for-profit offerings, you HAVE to have this app. It provides all the information you need to stay on top of your electricity consumption.

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